From the grill

Gourmet toast

Rump steak, pork and turkey fillet on toast, with salad garnish, herb butter and cocktail sauce (a,g,i,l)

€ 8,60

Hussar grill

Pork tenderloin, fried potatoes, bell pepper and cream sauce (a,c,g)

€ 13,90

Pork blade steak

Served with chips, garden vegetables and herb butter (a,c,g)

€ 11,60

Rosslwirt mixed grill

Rump steak, pork steak, turkey fillet, salad garnish, grilled sausages, hamburger, chips, vegetables, herb butter, cocktail sauce (i,j,l)

€ 14,70

Lumberjack steak

Well-seasoned 300g pork neck steak with baked potato and fried onions

€ 11,80

Farmer steak

400g steak off the roast, with baked potato

€ 15,90

Rump steak

300g steak with carefully seasoned pepper cream sauce and croquette potatoes

€ 15,50

Pirate’s sword

Large, richly garnished grill skewer with different meats, range of side dishes, salads, and sauces (a,c,g,i,j,l)

For 2 or more!!

€ 14,70

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